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Google Ads is the prime example of Search Engine Marketing. You create ads about your business, services offered, specials, etc. You associate keyword terms to those ads and place a bid for that keyword term. The ad with the highest bid is usually put in the first position on the search engine results page. You are not charged for the ad until the searcher clicks on the ad and is put on your website. The advantages here are that you can turn your ads off an on, you only pay for the ads that are clicked. You have a website visitor that is interested in the product or service you are advertising. Google Ads can be very expensive but, you do set a daily budget that Google, Bing, etc. so, you know the amount you are going to spend. In compeitive business markets keyword bids could be $5, $7, $10 or more. It is possible to setup a paid advertising on your own but, it can be tricky and you want to utilize a pro that can get you the most clicks for the least amount of money
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